Boost your earnings with Stay In Shape

We provide various ways that can help you earn money from your Business Page

Higher visibility

Our Affiliates constantly promote your products and Events, drastically improving Brand awareness

Claim your Listing

Take control of your listing, manage and protect your business Customize your listing details, upload photos, and more to show customers what makes your business special

Reach Target Audience

Be where your Audience spends most of Its time. Build your Page and add Content that appeals to your Audience

Call to Action Button

A call to action (CTA) button is a button on your page that gives visitors a way to interact with your business by performing a certain action. For example, a restaurant could include a call to action like “Book Now” or “Order Now”

Deals & Events

It cost nothing upfront to use, It takes only few minutes to set up your Deal or Event. Remove it at any time

Review & Analyze

Your profile includes a user dashboard that provides data on those who visit your profile. Review and analyze these available metrics to gain insight into when users are the most active

World-class support

If you require assistance, our support is considered one of the best in the industry. We’re here to help!

Consider Advertising

SiS advertising allows businesses to increase profile traffic, thereby attracting new customers. you can choose from ads that position your profile at the top of search results or Pages Sidebar